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Limitation of Liability

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Defective products that when checked in the Service seem to work

Our Service Partners will contact you by phone or e-mail to request more information.
to address the problem. In case we are unable to contact you, we will store the product for a period of time
at most 30 days and then we will put it on the market.
Caution: In case the repair is not covered by the warranty (misuse, accident, collision, etc.), you will be charged with costs.
If the product is in good condition and works normally, we will return it to you and you will be charged the shipping costs.

Loss of parcels

In case you do not receive the products within the delivery time specified by the competent service, please contact
by email at info@microdevc.shop
You will be informed about the shipping time of the product and if the delivery is pending, we will make sure to find out where the package is.

Limited manufacturer warranty

*** The warranty automatically terminates if:       

1. The fault occurred because the user does not use or maintain the device according to the user manual.     

2. The damage was caused by wetting, falling or careless storage.      

3. The fault was caused by repair, conversion or cleaning of the device in an unauthorized store.       

4. Information such as: date of purchase, name and type of product or proof of purchase have been altered.      

5. warranty is non-transferable.      

6. Please keep the warranty forms in a safe place as you will not be given any new ones in case of loss.


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